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A unique place where brands, agencies and platforms access vital information, share industry knowledge and explore partnership opportunities.

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Who we are?

The Hub helps brands forge marketing partnerships and strategic brand alliances with other brands and properties across sectors. The one-and-only online place for brand alliance opportunities, the hub connects brands with over 5000 brand marketers.


Who started it?

The initiative is run and controlled by ethos embassy communications pvt. ltd.

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The question for brand marketers.

Let us ask you something!

How do you identify new brand partners? Where do you find them? How do you compare opportunities viz-a-viz ROI? How do you brainstorm to get new partnership ideas? Who helps you connect with prospective brands and platforms? What works and what isn’t – how do you judge the success of a partnership marketing program?

For these and many other questions around strategic alliance marketing, you need a source, that never existed ever earlier, until you got in here, at the Brand Partnership Hub.

As a brand marketer, You are at the right place.

The world has changed a lot and you have to engage with many partners across categories at various stages of your marketing life-cycle. Nothing works every time and you always need new opportunities and ideas to keep moving your brand further. That’s where we can help you!


The question for those brands who do not believe in partnerships.

Do you know that today consumers preferences are changing faster than the time? no one product or service satiates the ever growing hunger of consumers. The consumers are spoilt of choices that the online, offline and between the line world throws to them. Consumer memories are getting shorter and if you wish to be their preferred choice, you have to be around their life more often…

What makes you to connect with your consumers as often?

By keeping connected through all those moments your consumers work, play and recreate.

And you can not do it only by way of paid advertising. Or to say that by way of intrusive communications. And that is when you need partnerships, the partnerships that connect you to your consumers more often.

We offer you solutions and services to engage and attract most innovative and profitable partnerships that keep your brand connected to your consumers, always.

Check for more information here and drop us an email to: marketing@ethosembassy.com. We will get back to you with solutions and strategies along with services that will help you forge partnerships with less hassle.


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